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Est. 2007

Career Opportunities at CSW
Cabinet Maker

Assembles pre-cut and pre-machined parts into complete cabinets.

Average earnings at 1 year is approximately $40,000    |    Average earnings at 5 years is approximately $60,000


Works with a small team to build various products, including reception desks, doors, countertops, and wall paneling.


Uses various types of coatings and stains to alter or enhance the appearance of wood products.

Engineer / Drafter

Utilizing Solidworks, creates all schematic and fabrication drawings, breaking out components for CNC fabrication, processing, and construction of custom millwork fixtures. We use Solidworks to create all schematics.

Shipping Clerk

Protects, packages, loads, and delivers products all across the state.


Unloads incoming trucks and organizes materials into separate kits for all other departments.

Machine Operator

Operates complex semi-automated machines to turn sheet goods into sized and machined parts for further assembly.

Plant Manager

Oversees production at every stage from incoming raw material to outgoing finished product.


Oversees financial statements like balance sheets, invoices, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Directs department operations, compiles financial reports based on financial statements and implements policies and procedures for financial reporting.

Project Manager

Leads a team of professionals in completing projects by a set deadline to uphold business initiatives. Communicates with staff and clients, makes decisions, and monitors the progress of the project to keep it on schedule and budget.

HR Manager

Coordinates administrative activities related to personnel, including developing policies, implementing systems for managing staff benefits, payroll, behavior, and onboarding new employees.

Office Assistant

Provides support to Administration, Drafting & Engineering as well as Project Management.


Gathers and analyzes data to estimate the money, materials, labor, and time that will be required for a project. Makes recommendations for how costs can be reduced and maintains detailed records of estimated and actual costs throughout the project.


Installation of products on-site utilizing impeccable attention to detail and on-the-fly problem solving to provide a perfect fit and finish. 

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