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Est. 2007


Since its inception in 2006, Custom Source Woodworking has grown substantially. We have expanded from smaller projects for our local community to providing high end custom woodwork all over the United States. CSW has also expanded to provide not only casegoods, solid woods and solid surface materials, but we also provide metal, and upholstery to round out our all inclusive commercial interiors. Thanks to the vision of our founder, Joe Wadsworth, CSW has successfully created a reliable and competent business partner within the commercial construction industry. 

With humble beginnings in a 1,000 sq ft garage, in 2009 CSW moved to an 11,000 sq ft warehouse which would accommodate more major large machinery and equipment capable of mass production. In 2011, we added our own finishing department to ensure consistent and accurate finishes every time. The addition of our Millwork Department in 2012, services not only our own millwork for our own projects but also processes mill orders for our various customers. 

In 2015, we settled into our most current home, a 37,000 square foot facility in South Olympia, WA. We credit our substantial growth to the quality, reliability, flexibility, and service that our customers have come to expect from us. Along with the climate controlled, state-of-the-art production facility, Joe Wadsworth understood that he needed a state-of-the-art software system that would enable the company and all departments to see every aspect of every job from start to finish. This amazing software of which Joe helped develop, enables him to keep track of his team’s efforts and up to the minute reports of where the projects are at. The full disclosure of his team’s performance allows everyone to participate in the greater good. This also allows for better planning and the ability to keep our projects running on time. 

Our staff of in-house engineers also use Solidworks to create 3D modeling for precise instructions to the production department. Estimators use advanced software as well to precisely estimate each bid. Our team of PMs run 40+ projects from start to finish at any given time. With a process that begins with estimating and ends with our satisfied customers, each project receives the individual attention needed for a successful project.

Aside from CSW’s business model achievements, we would not be as successful without the talented and dedicated team that is CSW. Joe and Lauren have created an open and caring environment for all team members to be part of the solution. Hiring from within, voicing concerns over quality standards, and fostering great work ethics keeps our team members working for CSW for many years.

It is here, Custom Source Woodworking, the new version of advanced technology for custom commercial interiors, that all aspects of our industry have come together.

Joe Wadsworth

2018 Boss of the year


Our CEO Joe Wadsworth speaks about our philosophy dedicated to building partners, not simply employees. Read the full article featured in Voice Magazine.


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